ARMAG Foundation: Current information about air quality
About measurements:

Description of colours:

Blue and dark blue colour informs: air quality is very good, you can spend time outside without limit.

Green colour informs: sensitive people (children, elderly people) should limit physical activity near busy streets.

Yellow colour advices: don't go for walks near major roads and districts heated by coal.

Orange colour warns: only healthy people can practise sport outside, leave car at home.

Red colour alarms: if you have problem with health , you should stay at home. If you feel bad, you can go to doctor. Leave car at home and use public transport or bike.
Index is counted every hour for following substances: nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide, particulate matter (PM10) and benzene. For every substance index is nominated on base below table. Then we choose the worst index in every hour , moreover we qualify dominant substance which is the worst index in given hour.
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